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198597 Original Diode by RCA

198597 Original Diode by RCA

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198597 Original Diode by RCA.

Used in Models:
RCA 13GP241, 13TVR62, 13TVR72, 19TVR62, 27R410, 2911SSTC, 2920SST, 29876C, 29877A, 74890A, E13153, PSVR57, PSVR65, PSVR83, RCD103, RCD104, RCD105, RP2345A, RP7930A, RP7930B, RP7936A, RP7936B, RP7936CTC, RP7942A, RP7982A, RP7986A, RP7989A, RP7999, RP7999A, RP8000A, RP9379A, RP9388B, RP9388C, RS1239, RS1239B, RS1282, RS1283, RS1285D, RS1289B, RS2520, RS2523, RS2538, RS3287KR, RS3520, T13062, T13066, T13072, T13082, T19064, T19065

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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