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2SA1150 A1150 PNP Transistor by Toshiba

2SA1150 A1150 PNP Transistor by Toshiba

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2SA1150 A1150 PNP Transistor Toshiba.

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2SA719-R, 2SA719,R, 2SA719(R), 2SA719R, 2SA719RS, 2SA719-S, 2SA719(S), 2SA719S, 2SA719TAQR, 2SA719W, 2SA720, 2SA720A, 2SA720AP, 2SA720AQ, 2SA720A(R), 2SA720AR, 2SA720A(S), 2SA720AS, 2SA720B, 2SA720C, 2SA720D, 2SA720L, 2SA720NC, 2SA720NCP, 2SA720NCQ, 2SA720NCR, 2SA720NCS, 2SA720-O, 2SA720P, 2SA720-Q, 2SA720Q, 2SA720QR, 2SA720QS, 2SA720-R, 2SA720R, 2SA720RN, 2SA720RST, 2SA720S, 2SA720Y, 2SA723, 2SA723A, 2SA723B, 2SA723C, 2SA723D, 2SA723E, 2SA723F, 2SA723R, 2SA728, 2SA728A, 2SA728AC, 2SA728AD, 2SA728AE, 2SA728C, 2SA728D, 2SA728E, 2SA733, 2SA733A, 2SA733AK, 2SA733AP, 2SA733A(Q), 2SA733AQ, 2SA733AQ/-1, 2SA733AQ1, 2SA733AR, 2SA733B, 2SA733(C), 2SA733C, 2SA733(C)-T, 2SA733(C)T, 2SA733C-T, 2SA733CT, 2SA733(C)-T(P,Q), 2SA733CTPQ, 2SA733D, 2SA733E, 2SA733F, 2SA733GR, 2SA733H, 2SA733I, 2SA733IO, 2SA733IQ, 2SA733(K), 2SA733K, 2SA733-P, 2SA733P, 2SA733P1, 2SA733P2, 2SA733P.Q, 2SA733P,Q, 2SA733PQ, 2SA733PR, 2SA733Q, 2SA733Q1P, 2SA733QP, 2SA733Q-T, 2SA733QT, 2SA733R, 2SA733-T, 2SA733T, 2SA733TP, 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4890229A18, 48-90229A19, 4890229A19, 48-90229A45, 48-90229A52, 4890229A52, 48-90229A69, 4890229A69, 4890234A83, 48-90235A89, 4890235A89, 48-90343A07, 48-90343A08, 48-90380A76, 4890380A76, 48-90432A06, 4890432A06, 48-90432A14, 48-90432A77, 489043A06, 48-90456A04(BCE), 48-90478A83, 4890478A83, 48-90488A16(BCE), 48S00155035, 48S00155172(BCE), 48S00155284, 48S00155294(BCE), 48S00155380, 48S155065, 48S155172(BCE), 48S155284, 48S155285, 48S155287, 48S155294, 48S155294(BCE), 48S155343, 48S155380, 48S43238G01, 48S43238G02, 48S43720J01, 48S43720J02, 48T43526F02, 48X155172(BCE), 48X90210A53, 48X90229A18, 48X90229A19, 48X90229A45, 48X90229A52, 48X90229A69, 48X90233A40(BCE), 48X90235A89, 48X90343A07, 48X90380A76, 48X90420429, 48X90420A28, 48X90432A14, 48X90432A54, 48X90432A55, 48X90456A04(BCE), 48X90478A45, 48X90478A83, 48X90488A16(BCE), 4H-130-41598, 4H-130-41771, 50-30702-06, 50-30702-07, 50-30715-06, 50-30715-07, 50-30715-08, 510102S, 510109S, 511101S, 514074S, 5310200051, 5310200053, 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A817A, A817AO(TRANS), A817A(TRANS), A817AY(TRANS), A817O(TRANS), A817(TRANS), A817Y(TRANS), A825P(TRANS), A825R, A826, A826P, A826Q, A826R, A826RY, A826S, A836F, A850(BCE), A850C(BCE), A850D(BCE), A854, A854A, A854(Q), A854Q, A854-Q/1E, A854Q1E, A854QE, A854QV, A854QZ(TRANS), A854R, A854RY, A927, A933, A933AQ, A933AR, A933AS, A933AS/QR/-T, A933AS(QR)T, A933AS/QR/T, A933AS-QRT, A933ASQRT, A933A(TRANS), A933P(TRANS), A933-Q, A933Q, A933QL(TRANS), A933(QR)-T, A933(QR)T, A933-QR-T, A933Q(TRANS), A933QV(TRANS), A933-R, A933(R), A933R, A933RA(TRANS), A933RC(TRANS), A933RK(TRANS), A933RZ, A933RZ(TRANS), A933S, A933S-0, A933S-O, A933SP(TRANS), A933S-Q, A933S(Q), A933SQ, A933S(QR)T, A933SQRT, A933S(Q)-Y, A933S-R, A933SR, A933SRC(TRANS), A933SRD(TRANS), A933SRF(TRANS), A933SRN(TRANS), A933SRR(TRANS), A933SR(TRANS), A933SRU(TRANS), A933S(R)-Y, A933S-S, A933SS, A933SSA(TRANS), A933SSD(TRANS), A933SSJ, A933SSJ(TRANS), A933SS(TRANS), A933SSU(TRANS), A933S(TRANS),A942, A942-GR, A950, A950-0, A950-O, A950(O), A950O, A950-Y, A950Y, A950Y(KOREA), A950Y(TPE2), A950YTPE2, A950Y(TRANS), A952, A952(C), A952(C)-T, A952CT, A952(C)-TL, A952(C)TL, A952CTL, A952K, A952L, A952L(JAPAN), A952M, A952ML2(TRANS), A953, A953K, A953L, A953M, A954L(TRANS), A954M(TRANS), A954(TRANS), A973B26TZ, A978E(BCE), A984, A984D, A984E, A984F, A984K, A984KD, A984KE, A984KF, A987, A987P, A994E(BCE), A999, A999D, A999E, AM161015H, B542(BCE), B542C(BCE), B542D(BCE), B542E(BCE), B561A(TRANS), B561B(TRANS), B561C(TRANS), B641P, B644Q, B644S, B664S, B726-R(TRANS), B726(TRANS), B737 (Minor electrical difference exists, but device will function in most applications.), B737Q(TRANS), B737(TRANS), B774, B774-P(TRANS), B774-Q(TRANS), B774-R(TRANS), B780, B780Q(TRANS), B780R(TRANS), BZ510073, C1015, C1015-O, C1015-Y, C1266, C1266(Y), C933SRX(TRANS), CR03030311, CV204086, D29E1, D29E2, D29E3, D29E4, D29E5, D29E6, D29E7, DDBY007002, DDBY011003, DDBY019001, DK/06-663112, EA15X0534, EA15X0947, EA15X4633, EA15X466, EA15X492, 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JC558A, JC558B, KA1015-O, KA562-Y, KA562Y, KSA1015, KSA1015-Y, KSA1015Y, KSA1266Y, KSA562, KSA562-0, KSA562-O, KSA562TM-0, KSA562TM-O, KSA642-0, KSA733-04, KSA733CY, KSA733-O, KTA1014, KTA1015, KTA1015-0, KTA1015(0), KTA10150, KTA1015A, KTA1015-O, KTA-1015Y, KTA1015-Y, KTA1015Y, KTA1015-Y(TA), KTA1015Y-(TA), KTA1266, KTA1266-AT(Y,GR), KTA1266(GR), KTA1266GR, KTA1266-TP-Y, KTA1266TPY, KTA1266-Y, KTA1266Y, KTA1270, KTA1270-TA-Y, KTA1270-TP-Y, KTA1270Y, KTA200, KTA200-O, KTA200Y, KTA562, KTA562-0, KTA5620, KTA562A, KTA562-O, KTA562O, KTA562TM, KTA562TM-0, KTA562TM-0(TA), KTA562TM-O, KTA562TM-O(TA), KTA562TM-T, KTA562TM-Y, KTA562TMY, KTA562TM-Y(TA), KTA562-Y, KTA562Y, KTA562-Y(GOLDSTAR), KTA950, KTA950-0, KTA950-O, KTA950Y, KTC3198-T, KTC9015A(ECB), KTC9015B(ECB), KTH562TM-4, KTTA10150, KTTA1015O, KTZ1266(GR), LA733(TRANS), M07215304, M07390304, MPS9483, MPS9483T, MPS9750F, MPS9750G, MX-3944, NB021E, NP5221, NQS40KTA1266, NQS40KTZ1266, NQS540KTA1266, NTE290A, OTR101509AA, OTR126609AA, 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TG2SA608NP, TG2SA608NPF, TG2SA608NPG, TG2SA608SP, TG2SA608SPF, TG2SA953, TG2SA984, TG2SA984E, TG2SA984K, TG2SA984KE, TG2SB698, TG2SB698F, TIS91, TKTA1266Y, TKTA1270Y, TKTA562-0, TKTA562-O, TN2SA1175, TN2SA733, TN2SA733-4, TN2SA733K, TN2SA733P, TN2SA733R, TN2SA952L, TN2SA953, TN2SA953K, TNN-2SA733-P, TPS91, TPS91B, TPS91G, TPS91M, TR-SK3730, TT2SA1015, TT2SA1015G, TT2SA495, TT2SA495O, TT2SA495Y, TT2SA950, TT2SA9500, TTT-2SA1015-O, TTT-2SA1015-Y, TY2SA1198S, TY2SA933, V01073311, V2SA1015Y/-1, VS2A562-0/1E, VS2SA1015-0-3, VS2SA1015/1E, VS2SA1015G/1E, VS2SA1015LGR1, VS2SA1015Y, VS2SA1015-Y-1, VS2SA1015Y/-1, VS2SA1015Y1, VS2SA1015Y/-1E, VS2SA1015Y/1E, VS2SA1015Y1E, VS2SA1015Y/2E, VS2SA1029C, VS2SA1029C-1E, VS2SA1266-Y-1, VS2SA1266Y1, VS2SA495-0/-1, VS2SA562-0/1E, VS2SA5620/1E, VS2SA562-O/1E, VS2SA562-Q/1E, VS2SA562T0/-1, VS2SA562TO/-1, VS2SA562TO1, VS2SA562T-O/1E, VS2SA562T-Q/1E, VS2SA673A-B/1E, VS2SA673A-C/1E, VS2SA673-B/1E, VS2SA673-C/1A, VS2SA673-C/1E, VS2SA673-C/2A, VS2SA673-D/1A, VS2SA733AQ/-1, VS2SA733AQ1, VS2SA733-P, VS2SA854-Q/1E, VS2SA854Q1E, VS2SA854-Q/E, VS2SA854TO/-1, VS2SA933QR1E, VS2SA933SQR1E, VS2SA950-Y11E, VS2SA950Y1E, VS2SA952LK/-1, VS2SA999-F, VS2SA999-F/-1, VS2SC1015-Y-1, VS2SC854-Q/1E, VS2SCA854-Q/1E, X300073360, X300101500, X300101502, X300101509, X300115080, X300117500, X300117593, Y130213007

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