About Us

About FPIE Electronics:


FPIE Electronics is an independent electronic and electrical components and devices distributor.


FPIE Electronics started out in 1999 on my own necessity to have reliable parts at good prices to respond to my customers that want it their electronics to be repaired on time and with a reasonable price. Not an easy task.


When I retired from the repair field, I decided to sell the parts that I had left. Overnight the sales started and the next morning I had a bunch of sales and from that time I opened an eBay store that keeps serving electronics Technicians, Engineers and many others in the electronics industry with high quality products and reasonable prices and after the sale We take care of the Customer service as is our most important task.


We look for deals all over the world for original and generic high-quality items. We screen and test all the parts per the industry and manufacturer standards and report the counterfeit suppliers with the proper channels. We only buy from manufactured authorized distributors.


Our extensive database of approved and authorized distributors and manufacturers are updated regularly to ensure that you are getting only the high-quality products on the market at a reasonable price. Let us know your pricing needs and we will do the negotiations for you for the same exact product that you are looking for.


FPIE Electronics also offers electronic repair consultation to local customers to help them achieve on time repairs without breaking the budget.


Thanks for your continued support.